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About Us

Located on Canada's rugged East Coast, Halifax based BIG Island Trio strives to provide a high energy audience-centered performance.


Gary Foley (Vocals and Acoustic Guitar), a native of Newfoundland, grew up listening to family and friends playing Traditional Music primarily in his family’s kitchen. The notion of music and culture in the context of the kitchen largley influenced The BIG Island Trio's "Songs From The Kitchen Video Series" featured online (Via Youtube).

Both Steve McNeil (Upright Bass/Backing Vocals) and Anthony Rissesco (Fiddle/Backing Vocals), growing up on mainland Nova Scotia, were greatly influenced by their musical families in addition to their early experience in the Celtic Music Scene. Their versatility as musicians is evident in their playing styles. In addition to this format, the Trio often showcases multi-talented fiddlers Brad Reid and Lisa MacArthur. 


The BIG Island Trio has quickly gained support in Atlantic Canada largley as a result of their online media promotion of "Songs From The Kitchen Video Series".  In addition, their performances in the Halifax Celtic Festival, CTV Televisions "Christmas Daddies", and XL Lifestyle's SPD Canada National Event have all fostered a platform for growth.  


Whether it is a song of the sea, the romantic swing of a waltz or the vitality of an Irish Jig, The BIG Island Trio gives great care and attention to the nuances of this strong music tradition.  


In 2017, The Trio released their first studio album "Songs From The Kitchen" which is available for Digital Download at 

The Physical Edition of the Album too is available upon request. Drop us a line! 

In 2019, The BIG Island Trio released their second studio album "Sail Away", which was produced by Rawlin's Cross founding member Dave Panting. While maintaining the roots of their focus, this album is comprised of 10  original songs inspired by the traditional style of music they perform.






Halifax Celtic Festival 

    Music Room Video Shoot, 2020

BiG Island Trio Pic.jpg

Performing @ Irish Pub Halifax, NS

CTV Television Christmas daddies Telethon

                               Fiddler Anna Wedlock

         Joins THe Trio For HAlifax Celtic FEStival 

SDP Canada Event (Halifax) 

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